Techno-Релизы    2011    August
[WkBw0038] Birdy Earns - A Stranger's Place

[WkBw0038] Birdy Earns - A Stranger's Place

Catalog: WkBw0038
Released: August 2011
Styles: Electronic Experimental Techno

01. Unpolite Nightingales
02. Catnip
03. Dancing Astronauts
04. Do A Raindance
05. I've Got You
06. Ambassadors Of Love
07. Owl Of My Heart
08. Ode To My Heroes
09. Birth + Death = Infinity
10. The Scientist
11. Let's Take A Second..
12. A Little Birdy
13. My Little Hideout
14. Get Off The Train
15. Meeting the Coon
16. Squirrels in the evening
17. Good night, Sunshine
18. Daydreaming
19. A Stranger's Place

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Birdy Earns is not a stranger any longer, but he is kidnapping the listener to a stranger's place, where the flowers can talk, deer dance with rabbits and kind old ladies getting burned by some heavy uneducated children. Don't be afraid (if you are not an old lady), embrace some trees, hug a chubby bear and be happy, while the last sounds fade away in your brain.


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