Techno-Релизы    2011    August
[tube238] Ceptual  - Songs for the sun

[tube238] Ceptual - Songs for the sun

Label: Test Tube
Catalog: tube238
Released: August 2011
Styles: Ambient
Size: 75.7MB

01. Past memories
02. Butterfly recession
03. The Mayan predictions
04. Vasnao Gil Firma
05. Plait the sky
06. Oy Gan Durrelli Faminhil
07. Distant signals
08. Awaken earth
09. Rituals
10. Rise
11. Beams through the canopy
12. Our annual subscriber
13. Kite trails and good soil
14. Pastures

Source's preview
«Ceptual a.k.a. A Sankip Hummad a.k.a. Desmond Hollins is returning to test tube to present his new and amazing work made in the realms of experimental ambient. 'Songs for the sun' is an ambitious experiment in which Desmond mixes all his musical knowledge ranging from hip-hop to IDM to ambient music.

The outcome is a outstandingly rich collection of tunes that will make you dream and smile. Think Boards of Canada, think Folktronica, think early Brian Eno. Now think of something completely different. Yeah. Think about strolling about in your favorite woods or forest, looking above at the tree canopy... see the sun beams cracking through the leaves? Now imagine the perfect soundtrack for that (other than the nature itself, of course) and well, this is it.

Desmond has previously released as Ceptual for Miasmah and others, and as A Sankip Hummad here and here.»
- test tube

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