Techno-Релизы    2011    August
[SE026] Orion - Electronic Witchcraft

[SE026] Orion - Electronic Witchcraft

Catalog: SE026
Released: 03.07.2011
Styles: Techno Trance

01. Black out the windows
02. Casting Spells
03. Changes
04. Dominion
05. Life is
06. Lightwork Wizards
07. Magick Circle
08. Shadow sky
09. The Association - Himalayan Summit (Orion Remix)
10. The way it is

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The New Orion Dawns Come Explore this world i have built for you all…. I have been challenged by a friend, his intention being improving the quality of my tracks, to make a track that is my average length an style,however i must spend a full week (2-4 hrs aday) making this track. Its worth noting that almost every track on my whole page mas made in 4 hours straight. Only revisiting i do is to enhance the sound post render. I personally beleive i can end up with psychologically built in style that has all the kinks worked out and sounds mastered upon final render..which some of these are raw renders.. Alas i must heed his challenge because in the end i must consider if i make “tears” in 4 hours straight, with only post master amplification, what would happen if I opened the channel more, and made one the same way over a weeks time with more time spent on detail…? We will all find out soon.


15.08.2011 19:43


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