Techno-Релизы    2011    April
[plpl012] Schubotter - The Story About Spring

[plpl012] Schubotter - The Story About Spring

Label: plusplus
Catalog: plpl012
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Released: April 2011
Styles: House Techno
Size: 74,5 MB

1. The Story About Spring 7:35
2. Birdsong 6:28
3. No Healing Through Pharma 7:10
4. Birdsong (a:lex Remix) 5:09
5. Birdsong (Sebastian Albrecht Lazy Monday Remix) 6:02

Source's preview
Ulli Schubert aka "Schubotter" has always had an intense relationship to music. Having played in bands, dj-ing or lately producing electronic music he keeps wandering the path of beats, drums and melodies.

From guitar influenced ambient soundscapes to crazy electrominimal tracks, he tries to bring his own ideas and feelings into the music! Lately he has released some of his tracks on several labels, his enthusiasm will keep him going exploring and producing.

Additional remixes produced by a:lex (Stadtparkmusik/Wien) and Sebastian Albrecht.

Schubotter would like to thank some musicians in his neighbourhood for using all the session samples he got for the last three years! Props out to: Andreas Müller, Dillen Schulze, Carsten Schreiner and Dima! You guys are crazy!


01.06.2011 21:44

душевно track 2 very  good

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