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[earman174] Palancar  - Crooked Little House

[earman174] Palancar - Crooked Little House

Label: Earth Mantra
Catalog: earman174
Released: 15.04.2011
Styles: Abstract Ambient Electronic
Total time: 74:34
Size: 178 MB

01 - The Darkest Evening of the Year (13:29, 30.9 MB)
02 - Crooked Little House (10:02, 23.0 MB)
03 - Residue (Afterwards) (8:29, 19.5 MB)
04 - Falling Free (6:41, 15.3 MB)
05 - Three Threes (14:17, 32.7 MB)
06 - Valley of the Shadow (9:18, 21.3 MB)
07 - Peacefulness (12:18, 28.2 MB)

Source's preview
Palancar returns to Earth Mantra with a brand new studio album, this one quite different from his previous effort "Serenitatis". Called "Crooked Little House", this is a collection of dark visceral ambience unlike anything else he has previously released.

The music is thoroughly textural and abstract, embracing the world of dark ambience unapologetically. The artist prefers to keep the thematic interpretation personal, but will share that the music is meant to evoke a strong emotional response in the listener, to inspire deep and honest thoughts about difficult subjects, a cathartic experience. Darrell hopes that the music succeeds in providing the right atmosphere for this sort of contemplation, and that the music helps people reach through the veil in some small way.

As always, all Earth Mantra releases are available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license. For commercial use, please contact us.


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