Techno-Релизы    2011    April
[bump154] Seimei & Taimei - Mediterranean Blue EP

[bump154] Seimei & Taimei - Mediterranean Blue EP

Label: Bump Foot
Catalog: bump154
Format: MP3
Released: 10.04.2011
Styles: Electronic House Trance
Total time: 14:08
Size: 32.3MB

Mediterranean Blue (8:36)
Guitarist (5:32)

Source's preview
Bump side left deep minimal field and landed more emotional way. When I listened to the debut EP by Seimei & Taimei, I was completely into it. Mediterranean Blue made me even happy. This EP will be theme music to (re)start.
Texts from Seimei & Taimei : "As its name suggests, Mediterranean Blue is the track influenced from the Mediterranean sea. The emotional strings and guitar's sound will make you hypnotic state. Guitarist also has the guitar sound. It is so balearic. Artwork is by my friends Taishi."


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