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[bsc_008] Overcast Sound - Holding Pattern Remixes

[bsc_008] Overcast Sound - Holding Pattern Remixes

Label: Basic Sounds
Catalog: bsc_008
Released: 01.04.2011
Styles: Dub Electronic Techno

01. Area Proximity Warning
02. Fingers in the Noise Remix
03. The Automatic Message Remix

Source's preview
A follow-up to Overcast Sound's first ep on basic_sounds, Holding Pattern Remixes takes the title track from the original ep and offers it up for remixing by three artists who have influenced the Canadian duo.

Chicago's Area (aka m50) extends upon the dreamy deepness of the original, pulling sounds and patterns into the foreground to create a remarkably new groove. Hailing from France, Fingers in the Noise moves things into a grittier domain with a slightly overdriven low end and filtered swells that will surely please the dance floor. The most dramatic reworking comes from Vancouver's The Automatic Message who strip the track of the more obvious dub techno references in favour of an ever-mutating techno excursion.


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