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[brq72] Sarp yilmaz - The world is not a cherry pie e.p.

[brq72] Sarp yilmaz - The world is not a cherry pie e.p.

Label: Broque
Catalog: brq72
Released: 01.04.2011
Styles: Deep-House

avec moi feat. whim ee vox
the world is not a cherry pie
these days

Source's preview
Sarp Yilmaz is based in Istanbul, likes cats and punk rock, but no contemporary art. Aha. That is all pretty well, but what actually matters here is that he also produces fantastic house tunes. After numerous releases on labels such as Acker, Unfoundsound or Fassade, we are proud to now present his latest EP on Broque. Not only couldn’t we agree more with its title (“The World is not a Cherry Pie”), but it also contains five playful house tracks meandering in between organic jazz vibes, dubby deep house and old-school piano and vocal snippets. Apparently, Sarp covers a large chunk of the classic house music range and benefits from a great ability to play with vocals in a very charming way in order to make his tracks groove.

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