Techno-Релизы    2010    September
[sm022] Guy Le Sao  - Drumbox EP

[sm022] Guy Le Sao - Drumbox EP

Catalog: sm022
Format: 320 kbit/s, mp3, CBR
Released: 24.09.2010
Styles: Electronic House Techno

01. DrumBox 05.20 min
02. DrumBox (Gardejito aka Andre Gardeja RMX) 07.47 min
03. DrumBox (OGRE aka Magnum 38 RMX) 06.23 min
04. DrumBox (funkenstrøm RMX) 08.41 min

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Did you ever have the feeling being part of a drum kit? Here you are in the thick of it but not to sit in on it.

The original mix by Guy le Sao is coming from a rough forest in Fairbanks, with sawtooth-character and drumming sticks it is showing you how to cut down a tree. Snares are drifting in galloping syncopes through the branches.

OGRE aka Magnum 38 is holding the axe and counters from the machinery hall. The bass is floating all the time and you can’t flee from the percussion-type driving. It´s transforming into rhythmic ostinatos, which no rimshot escapes from. Both are banging with jumping drums, industrial on the one hand, with acoustic impact from driven percussion on the other hand.

In contrast both remixes by Gardejito aka Andrè Gardeja and funkenstrøm appear smoother but not less picking up. These are using more gentle shades and are perfecting the sawtooth a little. They handle elements of the original a bit more sensitive, using deep figures leant to house.Melody and voice are transporting the track’s pure rhythmical touch . It is fancied with drifty crammed synthie-relays, aslant-true drum modifications and mesmerising vocals. You make me sweat!

The whole mixture vibrates by energy – special and individual in every track and braves the pabulum withal.

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