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[PS022] Alpen Butter - This World Is Not My Home

[PS022] Alpen Butter - This World Is Not My Home

Catalog: PS022
Format: MP3, 320 Kbs
Released: 30.09.2010
Styles: Ambient
Size: 37.9 MB

1. Donde Esta Mi Hogar 5.51
2. Baustelle Im Magen 4.16
3. A cada cerdo llega su San Mártin 2.40
4. Por-quoi pas 4.25

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Usually we feel really far away from the world we are living in. We are born in cultural constructs. We are programmed, created by our own system and manipulated, but at the same time we program, create and manipulate. We love, breath, suffer. Consciously or not, we are watching how the world dies while we are trying to create new ones.

The human being is eternally struggling to find a place in a self made world, which is just the mirage of the strange and tries to reconcile this world with a non-existent ideal human soul by looking for the own identity in everything we do.

There is a world inside and another outside us. It’s the collective lost of humanity and the arising of a strong destructive but also wonderful individualism. The world is strange, because we are strangers ourselves. We don’t need to be honest; we don’t even need to think about that. We have TV, cars, music, art, money, wars, walls, video games, underground, plains, weapons, telephone, internet… (Do we really communicate actually?). We are great. We created an alien universe, which is not our home anymore, but which is as diverse as us, as our art, as our music. The classical music tried to find the perfection, the baroque showed the contrasts, flamenco, blues, jazz…let the heart speak free. Between lots of influences, objects and realities, we’d like to find our home and ourselves. Is this world my home?

This World is not my Home was composed and recorded in Berlin (2008-2009). The spine of the album was composed as part of an interactive sound installation that Alpen Butter created for the international art exhibition “This world is not my home” (Kunsthaus Tacheles, September ’08, Berlin).


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