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[RB088] The Inventors of Aircraft  - As it is

[RB088] The Inventors of Aircraft - As it is

Label: Resting Bell
Catalog: RB088
Format: 320Kbps MP3
Released: 24.09.2010
Styles: Ambient Experimental
Total time: 33:32
Size: 62.88 MB

1. A way in
2. We have arrived
3. Let me give you what you want
4. Morning journey
5. The Tower

Source's preview
Many of you will remember the first Inventors of Aircraft-release on Serein called “Unknown Language” back two years ago. Now I have the pleasure to welcome TIOA on Resting Bell with a wonderful new work, mastered by Ian Hawgood.

“As it is” has an enormous warm and dense sound. You’ll find some elements you know from “Unknown Language” like the repetitive melodic motifs over the foundation of droning, growling sounds. But for me “As it is” also sounds like a massive step forward. And massive is the keyword: The sound is one of the thickest and richest things I’ve heard for a while. When I listen to the pieces the best comparison coming to my mind is the black monolith from “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Or the fantastic sound-design from Danny Boyles “Sunshine”. It sounds like something really elemental and physical. And so it is hard to point out one special track or part. The drones and melodies are moving slowly as one organic flood of magma, crawling further and further. And on top you have little scratches and crackles, shimmering and reflecting like the sunlight.

In the end I would like to recommend you two different possiblities of listening to “As it is”.
First is really loud with headphones. Or second: Loud on a really big set of speakers.


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