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[S27-055] Herre Jorna  - Glitches -N- Clicks EP

[S27-055] Herre Jorna - Glitches -N- Clicks EP

Label: Section 27
Catalog: S27-055
Format: 320Kbps MP3
Released: 18.09.2010
Styles: Electronic Glitch Minimal
Size:  61.2 MB

1. Herre Jorna - Clicks2play (4U)
2. Herre Jorna - Oops A Glitch
3. Herre Jorna - Click-O-Matic
4. Herre Jorna - Glitch Paradise
5. Herre Jorna - Click & Play
6. Herre Jorna - Itchy Glitchy
7. Herre Jorna - ClickRbox
8. Herre Jorna - Glitch-A-Lot

Source's preview
Something a little different this time round, here is a fun little EP (with a running time of 64 minutes, we do things different...) from Netherlands producer Herre Jorna, another new artist welcomed to our roster. Contained within this release are minimal slash clicky dot microsounds that tickle your ears, and some of the most head noddingly wonderful rhythms they are. Turn up those subs!

Herre has also provided a few handy artwork files that allow you to create your own cover should you create a physical copy of the EP. It's all in the name.


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