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[blpsq008] Jay Phonic - Self Enhancement EP

[blpsq008] Jay Phonic - Self Enhancement EP

Catalog: blpsq008
Format: 12  File, EP, MP3, 320 kbps 
Released: September 2010
Styles: House Tech-House Techno
Total time: 01:57:52
Size: 255.7 MB

Spectacular Amorphis
Orchestra Maneuver
Lossless Summary
Wiseman Fail
Orchestra Maneuver (Ingemar Stalholm's Coffee & Snus Remix)
Orchestra Maneuver (Dr. Nojoke's Cliknova Remix)
Orchestra Maneuver (Storlon's Sun & Malt Remix)
Orchestra Maneuver (Adriano's BBQ & Salsiccia Remix)
Spectacular Amorphis (Ingemar Stalholm's Delirium & Tremens Remix)
Spectacular Amorphis (Tilman's LSD & Colada Remix)*
Wiseman Fail (Revy's Dust & Sunrise Remix)
Lossless Summary (Jay's Wine & Tobacco Remix)

Source's preview
As the summer comes to a close, it's certainly the perfect time to reflect on our experiences, and move forward into the changing seasons. We're proud to present Jay Phonic's debut release, where he has not only shown us what is inside his shoulder, but also a view into his heart and mind. Of course a bunch of blpsq friends jumped at the opportunity to take his journeys and adapt them into their own personal head trips, forming this release into an epic mosiac of deep thoughtful grooves.


31.05.2011 14:36
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15.09.2010 20:45


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