Techno-Релизы    2010    September
[PS021] Swaying Smoke - From Ruin to Bliss

[PS021] Swaying Smoke - From Ruin to Bliss

Catalog: PS021
Format: MP3, 320 Kbs
Released: 13.09.2010
Styles: Ambient
Size: 123.2 MB

1. Pincers 7.25
2. Sidelong Glance 3.07
3. Mercy In Memory 3.21
4. Her Laughter Carried Me Far 3.48
5. At The Height 4.15
6. Things Are Getting Strange 8.00
7. Not Another Word 6.38
8. Never Believe 6.14
9. Questions 4.35
10. Bliss 4.52

Source's preview
There is a fascination about mysterious places, about dark corners that we dare not enter. This fascination arises from what we imagine, the stories that are fed by the unknown.

From Ruin to Bliss is a sound script for such stories: Abandoned places, filled with stories to tell; dry and unchangeable places.
James Lowery aka Swaying Smoke masters the use of dissonances and drones to potentiate this mood; this awkward feeling of unknown territory: we are drawn into it, slowly but unstoppably. From Ruin to Bliss starts building this universe, where we feel trapped, ever descending into a sense of unease and always looking for a way out.
As time passes by, we get to the conclusion that the universe built by James won’t ever change ever, and we will be lost in these ruins, forever blissful and enchanted by its secrets. And that’s when it changes, or we think it changes.

From Ruin to Bliss, is a marvelous musical piece that stretches from James Lowery imagination into the corridors of our dreams, like an architect that describes, with sound, cathedrals, long halls, castles or abandoned factories.


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