Techno-Релизы    2010    October
[SOMO006] Air Lifting EP

[SOMO006] Air Lifting EP

Catalog: SOMO006
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Released: 31.10.2010
Styles: Experimental House Techno

Air Lifting (Original Mix)
Air Lifting (Ixam's Digitalized Remix)
Air Lifting (Armida's Heavy Atmosphere Remix)

Source's preview
Sound & Motion is now celebrating it's first year anniversary! And because of that, the sixth release of net netlabel is in charge of the owners. Here, the words of Armida, a part of Sound & Motion.

"As Sound & Motion, we have released just one track. One. It is unthinkable, since most of netlabel owners release a lot of originals and remixes in a whole year. But since we have other projects that doesn't involve neither music or the netlabel, it is understandable.

When we created the netlabel we though about not having just a simple netlabel that releases just the tracks of the producers who created it, but to be a media that releases stuff from artists that have a real proposition in Electronic & Dance music. As a duo, having one track released in our own netlabel is kind of funny. As solo artists we have released some tracks, but now, after one year and five releases, the sixth one has to be Sound & Motion".

And yes, it is. Armida and YetTken, as Sound & Motion, decided to release their "Air Lifting", a Techno track that blends producers both styles in one epic dancefloor track. With an analogic bass tipical of Armida, a lot of effects and variations of YetTken and both producers making unique arrangements to the track, "Air Lifting" is one of Sound & Motion's best tracks.

But why releasing just one version of the track? If you can have some reinterpretations.

Second track is Ixam's "Digitalized Remix". You may remember this argentinean producer for his remix of YetTken's "Influences". This time he comes back with a remix that uses a lot of digital synthetizers and shreds apart the original mix to create a remix with a digital feeling, but always keeping the sounds of the original work.

Last track is Armida's "Heavy Atmosphere Remix". This time Armida had the opportunity of remixing his own work. As he said about "Air Lifting": "This is 70% YetTken, 30% me". So now he's giving us a different aproach to the concept of "Air Lifting", with a deep and heavy atmosphere, subtle bassline and some vocals, keeping the original sounds but making a whole new track than can even be considered an original more than a remix.

This is the sixth release of Sound & Motion netlabel, hope you enjoy it and celebrate with us one year of incredible music, one year of quality, one year of the best beats...

One year of pure Sound & Motion.
Let's have another... Why not?


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