Techno-Релизы    2010    October
[foot158] Gridline - Passages & Satellites

[foot158] Gridline - Passages & Satellites

Label: Bump Foot
Catalog: foot158
Released: 31.10.2010
Styles: Ambient Electronic IDM
Total time: 48:32
Size: 88.9MB

Choose One (4:57)
So Real (3:36)
Two Suns (4:48)
Mental (5:13)
Just Go (4:08)
Weak Signals Type One (3:10)
Weak Signals Type Two (5:20)
Mirrors (4:39)
Automaton (4:34)
Nothing Really (4:33)
Outro One (1:49)
Outro Two (1:45)

Source's preview
Quiet and loud, slow and fast, four to the floor and non-beat - Passages & Satellites has most various elements in Gridline's four releases. "This album is about places and situations in which we have never been, and about some difficult choices we would have to make in these circumstances. This time experimentation was aimed at creating synths."


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