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[blpsq009] Piltdown Sound - Stimme der Europa

[blpsq009] Piltdown Sound - Stimme der Europa

Catalog: blpsq009
Format: 8  File, MP3, 320 kbps 
Released: 27.10.2010
Styles: Dub Electronic Minimal Techno
Total time: 57:27
Size: 107.72 MB

01. G2 transit
02. Blastoff
03. Station
04. Local yokel
05. Stimme der europa
06. Stimme frio's blend
07. Local yokel revy (rmx)
08. Stimme der yokel deepvivid hybridub

Source's preview
Fire up those ion thrusters and get ready for launch! Thanks to plenty of rigorous space travel research, bleepsequence is thrilled to present documentation of a recent excursion to the desolate moon of Europa, encased in ice. With Piltdown Sound at the helm, you can be sure you're in for a smooth journey with plenty of devious surprises along the way. And of course, a few members of the flight crew also provide their own transmissions from the farthest reaches of deep space.


29.10.2010 17:52


29.10.2010 17:27

not found! чё то не могу скачать!

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