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[S27-057] Hellmood B Ware  - Forget The Old, We Need A Newmanity

[S27-057] Hellmood B Ware - Forget The Old, We Need A Newmanity

Label: Section 27
Catalog: S27-057
Format: 320Kbps MP3 / Ogg Vorbis
Released: 17.10.2010
Styles: Abstract Electronic Experimental Industrial
Size: 87.8 MB

01. Alice [5:13]
02. No More Lies [4:29]
03. Past 33 Years [7:10]
04. Liebe ist... (the meaning of love) [5:32]
05. Staring At My Ass [6:42]
06. Cryptonite [6:10]
07. The Loss Self [4:30]

Source's preview
Some may remember Hellmood B Ware as the artist "Count Duckula" who appeared on both of our S27 Compilations, he's back with a new name but hasn't lost any of the formula which made his previous moniker a treat. Forget The Old, We Need A Newmanity is 7 tracks of hard industrial sounds that distort and resonate a kindred spirit with the material Throbbing Gristle and Coil produced over the years, but given a modern day twist. The intro track "Alice" for example starts with a relentless beat that reminds this reviewer of Autechre's "LCC" track which dissipates into discordant notes played through a steam engine. The rest of the record keeps this standard and has some beautiful moments too, as evidenced in "Liebe ist..." As said by Hellmood himself, Duckula is history. And what an evolution it's been.


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