Techno-Релизы    2010    October
[kahvi296] Various Artists - Secret Games

[kahvi296] Various Artists - Secret Games

Label: Kahvi
Catalog: kahvi296
Released: October 2010
Styles: Ambient Downtempo Electronic IDM Compilation

4T Thieves / Moonsong,
Island near the clouds / Invisible,
Weldroid / Forbidden forest,
Suecae Sounds / Klarlven,
Exosphere / At home,
Planet Boelex / Thousand faces,
Trans Alp / Seno,
Pandoras Black Book / End of summer,
Dirk Geiger / Purple room,
Brioskj / Secret games,
Lackluster / Jack of no trades,
Tapage / Adapt,
Unkle onkel / Wohngebietz,
Suzuka / Mereq,
Drafts on a theme / This saturday coming,
Xurba / Colourstream,
Bad Loop / Ion swell,
4T Thieves / Beneath a steel sky.

Source's preview
After quite a long drawn out process (the cover artwork was only ready the other day) finally the long awaited VA release 'Secret Games' is here.

We've got some well known and familiar names (Bad Loop, Xurba, Lackluster, Brioskj and Planet Boelex) as well as some new artists, all going towards creating this mammoth 1.5 hour festival of music!

Notes about the tracks: Bad Loops track is actually a realtime recorded jam session involving a drum machine and synth, Lacklusters track dates back to 2003 and is previously unreleased, and also included in the VA are two tracks from myself - the first track and last track. Beneath a Steel Sky is taken from the commercial release 'Robot Dreams' which is available on iTunes.

The tracks otherwise speak for themselves, so I'll leave you to check them out for yourself. Enjoy this epic release! Cover artwork by noneother than Eero Johannes (otherwise known as Kairaus), the multiply talented meister of music and graphics. Watch out for widescreen versions coming to the wallpaper section shortly.

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