Techno-Релизы    2010    October
[FR-pod10009] Minimalistic - Tech Autumn

[FR-pod10009] Minimalistic - Tech Autumn

Catalog: FR-pod10009
Released: October 2010
Styles: Minimal Tech-House Podcast
Total time: 59:59

1. Dyno - Bolts (Original Mix)
2. Audionatica & Fictionizer - Space (Autistic Remix)
3. Rodrigo Diaz - Omisida
4. Juan Kue, Joel Fletcher - Earthquake 88 (Glitter Remix)
5. Vladimir Acic - Red Planet (Space To Space Mix)
6. Federico Milani - Maggie (Alex D'Elia & Nihil Young Remix)
7. Alex Young - Reminimalized (Glitter Remix)
8. Piatto - Heaven (Tesla Remix)
9. Umek - No One Could Have Suspected (Kaiserdisco Remix)
10. Carlo Lio - False Information (Original Mix)
11. Dandi & Ugo - Fulminata (Dyno Remix)
12. Joel Mull & Dustin Zahn - Bossa Nossa (Panpot Remix)
13. Marascia - Cow Bell (Original Mix)

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Minimalistic aka Mario Horvacki was born in Subotica, Serbia in 1987. From early elementary school days he started to listen to The Prodigy, Kraftwerk, Chemical Brothers... It was obvious even then that he is very much different from kids of his age. When he was 14 years old he goes to Lifka, his first techno party. There he realized that techno is the music that inspires him. On those parties he used to stand close to the DJ’s where he closely watched what they are doing and so that is how he learned his first steps in being a DJ. Year 2004. was the year when he stood for the first time alone with the gramophones and that is the year of his beginning as DJ. After some time of training he made a 2-year break and finally after that he started to work as DJ on private parties and after parties. At first, his style was funky techno, but later he discovered that minimal techno is style that better suits him. His sets are long, full of energy and they make all present guests to dance. He worked with all DJ’s from Subotica, and he performed 2 times in Novi Sad. This year he performed regularly at Subotica’s club The Code where he had the opportunity to perform alongside Marko Nastic & Dejan Milicevic. Last year he also worked at Palic Lake with Miss Sunshine, and he worked with Lee Burridge, Tomy Declerque & Dave Seaman.


19.10.2010 13:40


01.10.2010 17:21

Это самый ахуенный подкаст который я слышал !

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