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[Sadayatana 001] The Rescue of Pico Henry

[Sadayatana 001] The Rescue of Pico Henry

Label: Sadayatana
Catalog: Sadayatana 001
Format: MP3, 147 Kbps
Released: 23.11.2010
Styles: Abstract Ambient Electronic Experimental Podcast
Size: 186.7 MB

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Source's preview
Ayn says: "When I caught Pico Henry I thought I was just going to take him to the humane society (2 cats already). They asked for a name when I signed him in and I was studying for my ARRL exam... so I almost said pico fared, but thought they would mess it up and I said Pico Henry... then they said they would have to put him down due to the mange and being super I brought him home.
It was tough and now he is super sweet!
When I am depressed, I think, if Pico Henry could make it... I can make it!"

Cover: Dark Dune Fields of Proctor Crater, Mars


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