Techno-Релизы    2010    November
[bsc_004] Jesse Somfay - Sol

[bsc_004] Jesse Somfay - Sol

Label: Basic Sounds
Catalog: bsc_004
Format: File, MP3,WAV
Released: November 2010
Styles: Acoustic Ambient Electronic
Size: 73.1 MB

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Ontario based artist Jesse Somfay is well known for his unique breed of melodic ambient techno. One of his core achievements is his 2009 release on Archipel, “A Catch In The Voice,” which was highly regarded by Resident Advisor. With his latest basic_sounds release, “Sol,” he branches off into a number of new aural and visual directions.

Somfay takes inspiration from the very heart of the solar system, the sun. “Sol” is a little over half an hour in length and was created using electric guitar as the melodic and tonal source. In the final production process, he digitally manipulated the guitar melodies and nestled the track within a bed of still night rain recorded from outside his window. Included with the download, is an in depth description of his inspiration behind this work. Jesse also spends a majority of his time immersed in nature taking photographs. The cover art for “Sol” is taken from his recent black and white series.


02.12.2010 05:52

Очередная распилка дров.

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