Techno-Релизы    2010    November
[unfound52] Pablo Denegri - Versteck

[unfound52] Pablo Denegri - Versteck

Label: Unfoundsound
Catalog: unfound52
Format: MP3/ Flac
Released: 17.11.2010
Styles: Minimal Tech-House Techno
Size: MP3 74 MB/ Flac 372 MB

01. cocolichesk
02. versteck
03. laura palmer
04. laura palmer (dilo remix)
05. versteck (seph remix)

Source's preview
que onda? como va? once again, unfoundsound is stoked to present heady, groovy goodness from buenos aires, argentina. already with releases on dumb-unit, igloo-rec and esperanza, pablo denegri delivers three minimal tracks that are deep, tripped-out, pleasantly experimental and obscurely dark -- chugging and gurgling with off-kilter vocal cuts, snappy percussion and impeccable sound design. plus, you get a groovy, dreamy, heart-wrenching remix from dilo, and a mesmerizing afterhours dancefloor bomb courtesy of seph. yes, we know. clearly, unfoundsound is obsessed with these wonderful argentinean producers. so what? do you have a problem with that? por supuesto que no solo los queremos por hacer un buen asado! sino tambien por la onda que le ponen a sus producciones carajo!
mastered by ronan portela


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