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[S27-059] Pablo Ribot  - Urban Metaphor

[S27-059] Pablo Ribot - Urban Metaphor

Label: Section 27
Catalog: S27-059
Format: 320Kbps MP3
Released: 14.11.2010
Styles: Breakbeat Electronic Experimental Jazz
Size: 74.9 MB

01 - Voices Around My Head
02 - Crushed Rhodes
03 - Storyboard
04 - Space Jam
05 - Kitsch Science
06 - Mr Atkins In A Gogo's Film
07 - Julie
08 - How To Keep The Memory Of Something That Is Not Existing
09 - Desert City
10 - Interlude
11 - Fuzzy Mix

Source's preview
2010 has been the year where we have expanded our artist roster and amassed a healthy range of different sounds, this S27 debut from Pablo Ribot being no exception! A first for the label in terms of how it sounds but ticks all the relevant boxes that makes it into our "We Love This" category. Urban Metaphor is a crazy concoction of electronic Squarepusher-esque jazz, breakbeats, hip-hop, a pinch of glitch and baked in the Ninja Tune oven for 33 minutes. You could always reheat it again, without the worry of food poisoning. Essential listening!


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