Techno-Релизы    2010    November
[agn025] Maps & Diagrams - Tintinnbulate

[agn025] Maps & Diagrams - Tintinnbulate

Label: Audio Gourmet
Catalog: agn025
Format: 4  File, MP3, EP, VBR
Released: November 2010
Styles: Ambient Drone Experimental

1. Komagataella 02:41
2. Irma's Injection 04:10
3. Two Centuries 04:11
4. Cucullospora 03:30

Source's preview
Maps and Diagrams appears on the Audio Gourmet label with “Tintinnbulate”. The work is a continuation of the conceptual drone-based sounds of “Koom” and “Foel” that was released on the Handstitched* imprint in 2009.

This continuation sees the recycled use of original source material, layers and processed sound created during the making of the pre-mentioned releases. Collectively, “Tintinnbulate” as a body of work travels and drifts through a distant rumble and sub-level murmur which force dense fragments of distorted melody from within the body of each piece – this content remains intentionally corroded and disjointed from the human ear – cascading into more a more audible, crystalline landscape. Each piece is framed within its own floating horizon; it appears visible close-up but subsequently out-of-focus at the furthest point. In the layering of sound there is the natural aspect of field recordings, continuous static and human-influence which surround the listener and create a vast expanse of experimental and applied sound. Music written and recorded by Tim Diagram. Photography by Tim Diagram….


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