Techno-Релизы    2010    November
[mnw011] Kalter Ende - Zodiako

[mnw011] Kalter Ende - Zodiako

Label: Manifest Northwest Recordings
Catalog: mnw011
Format: MP3 320kb/s
Released: 07.11.2010
Styles: Techno
Total time: 17:00
Size: 31.88 MB

01. Kalter Ende - Custe [4:53] [135bpm]
02. Kalter Ende - Replace [5:36] [136bpm]
03. Kalter Ende - Zodiako [6:31] [135bpm]

Source's preview
The folks in Spain have proven themselves time and time again, and here is a perfect example of some more tasty music coming from the region. Custe opens up this release with interesting track- part breakbeat, part electro, and all techno! The perfect soundtrack for lazy days and mind-melting nights. Haunting and daunting at the same time, Replace continues the pace. Highly percussive with little room for melody, this track nonetheless can be quite trance inducing. Finishing things up with the title track, Zodiako blends all of the elements that make up a good track and shoves them through your speakers with maximum force. Some things in life are hit and miss, but Kalter Ende has shown us here that there can sometimes be all hits and no misses!


16.11.2010 17:57


15.11.2010 14:38

11.11.2010 19:44


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