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[treetrunk117] Johan Nederpel with Mystified - The Urbscape Videos

[treetrunk117] Johan Nederpel with Mystified - The Urbscape Videos

Catalog: treetrunk117
Format: VBR MP3
Released: 06.11.2010
Styles: Abstract Drone Industrial
Total time: 5:10

01. Urbscape Part 1 (27.2 MB)
02. Row Your Boat (9.2 MB)
03. Sergeant Fry (56.9 MB)
04. Class Conflict 2 Remix (62.1 MB)
05. Hop March (60.9 MB)
06. Riding At Night (62.4 MB)
07. Edgey (62.8 MB)
08. Metal Tube (50.4 MB)
09. Crunch Time (61.3 MB)
10. Urbscape Part 2 (25.5 MB)

Source's preview
Throughout 2010 musican and video artist Johan Nederpel has been industriously creating excellent videos for each track from mystified's netrelease "Urbscape" (Treetrunk Records, 2009). Treetrunk so enjoyed the videos that we wanted to include them as a suite, so you can watch them all together. Also with this release is a remastered track from the original netrelease, "Driving At Night", in mp3 and flac formats.

Special thanks to Johan for his wonderful artistic efforts.


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