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[podcast021] Maurizio Miceli - Deepindub 6Th Anniversary Edition Mix Podcast

[podcast021] Maurizio Miceli - Deepindub 6Th Anniversary Edition Mix Podcast

Label: Deepindub
Catalog: podcast021
Format:  File, MP3, Mixed, 320 kbps
Released: 05.11.2010
Styles: Deep-House Dub-Techno Podcast
Total time: 01:06:53
Size: 124.31 MB

1 Dominique Jacquinet – Resurrection Dub
2 Echoton – Stereo Out
3 DaRand Land – Satelliten
4 Mr. Bizz – Prime Element
5 Quantec – Deep Drawn
6 Dublicator – Graviton
7 Martin Schulte – Under Rain
8 Zzzzra – Donjon 64
9 Zzzzra – Morituri Te Salutant
10 Klartraum – Unique Self

Source's preview
November’s fog is now arrived at our doorstep … and with it, everything that follows ….. lights dim, distant echoing sounds, undefined shapes, light shows, thumping bass, dub grooves, reflected in space, ……..
……. thanks to the power of ‘love …
There are still peoples who believe in the next, there is still friendship, and love for music, a love that unites us, we meet …. respect …
…….. and return to the groove that takes you and carries you away, brings you back to bring you back even further … to ‘infinity ….
This is only a small part of the emotions that I can describe in presenting this special podcast for the sixth anniversary life of deepindub.
I have the great honor of presenting all nine artists, popular on the net-audio circuit and well established artists, who very kindly agreed to cooperate to this podcast by providing a track each.
Music has never been published until now for this podcast, some pieces are exclusives, others will be published on other labels in the future …
Thanks a million friends and colleagues, many of you are masters of these styles of music,
with millions of fans including myself, and for me it’s a great honor to publish this podcast,
one thing that I never dreamed a few years ago ….


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