Techno-Релизы    2010    November
[treetrunk116] Gas Tank Orchestra  - Homeshed

[treetrunk116] Gas Tank Orchestra - Homeshed

Catalog: treetrunk116
Released: November 2010
Styles: Ambient Experimental Industrial Jazz
Total time: 47:52

01. Passing On
02. Idle Moments
03. Simple Movements
04. Making Way
05. Under Construction
06. Proper Trip
07. C To Sea
08. Fuming Forming
09. Coast To Stop
10. Bunnys Bolero
11. Desire Project
12. Drifting In Park
13. Race To Finish

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“What first attracted me to the famous GTO was this notion of using metal objects for music. I was (and am) an industrial music fan, so I picked up some recordings for a listen. Rather than music that was simply bombastic, as was often the flavor of industrial at the time, I heard a music that used parts of cars to create something deeper and more soulful– this was industrial on the brink of jazz, or jazz on the brink of industrial– a music that spoke to my heart and mind and that I think is truly inspired.”– Thomas Park, 2011

This release contains previously unreleased material from legendary DIY band founded in early 1990’s in New Orleans using gas tanks picked off the street as instruments.


10.11.2010 22:54

Нет, понять это сложно, муть... простите.

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