Techno-Релизы    2010    November
[AE039] Various Artists - Made In Hugary EP

[AE039] Various Artists - Made In Hugary EP

Label: Audioexit
Catalog: AE039
Format: 4  File, FLAC, EP 
Released: November 2010
Styles: Techno Compilation
Size: 43.2 MB

Source's preview
While I was listening Balatro's Pointless Mission, I thought about his tracks, which always bring us some surprise. You cannot simply fast forward these tracks. You MUST listen the whole. Of course, dreaming comes to the end - thanks to Dan Mute. Hungarian underground techno teacher wakes us up with his strict beats, marching along the road of darkness. Frost Cola reflects simply his precisity as always. No unnecessary sound, no aimless hunting for impressions. After the rhythm-breaking track and the marching one we move back to the world of 4/4 with GabeeN. This movement does not decrease the quality of the EP. GabeeN handles this sound very well, becaming his main style in the last year as we could listen on AE034 for example. For closing we get Solidpulze. He offers offbeat material again, fast, fresh, scientific and very very hot.

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