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[Zimmer056] Plan-e - Electric stimulation

[Zimmer056] Plan-e - Electric stimulation

Catalog: Zimmer056
Format: MP3, 320kbps, stereo
Released: 17.05.2010
Styles: Techno
Total time: 25:00
Size: 58MB

056.01 – plan-e – stromschlag (05:20)
056.02 – plan-e – socket (07:06)
056.03 – plan-e – later (05:58)
056.04 – plan-e – slow motion (06:42)

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Electrical stimulation for the purpose of helping persons with paralysis of the arms or legs mainly focuses on the neuromuscular transmission peripherally. E-stim can also be used for central nervous system stimulation to hasten awakening from coma or the vegetative state. There is a long history of neurosurgeons who have implanted electrodes into the brain and spinal cord, especially in Japan, for increasing cerebral blood flow and certain neurotransmitters in persons in long term coma states. //wikipedia


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