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[RFR025] Geoff Bell  - I.Am Over and Under
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[RFR025] Geoff Bell - I.Am Over and Under

Catalog: RFR025
Format: 320 Kbps
Released: May 2010
Styles: Electronic Experimental House Jazz Minimal Tech-House Techno
Size: Part One - 62.3 MB, Part Two - 56.9 MB

Part I
01 Pour Efas
02 Rafass
03 Namjing
04 mObster

Part II
01 Aswer
02 Frorck Itch
03 qArset
04 wHatS DuB

Source's preview
After a long break we are back!
Here is the 38th release on rumpfunk.
Experimentell - Jazzy - Dubbed Grooves by the great guy Geoff Bell.
His first album I am Bob was “Album of the Year in 2008″ and his Ep’s on different labels was great stuff!
Now he is back with crispy baked funked fresh stuff for 2010
There are 2 Parts with different kind of Styles for this Album.
Choose Your Weapon or Both!


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