Techno-Релизы    2010    March
[sm021] Audacious clay  - Bon voyage

[sm021] Audacious clay - Bon voyage

Catalog: sm021
Format: 320 kbit/s, mp3, CBR
Released: March 2010
Styles: Electronic Techno

01 // Suffix 6.55 min
02 // ICE Rush 6.49 min
03 // Aarons Journey 6.55 min

Source's preview
With his 4th release Mr. Clay is demonstrating again that progressivity and resolution are part of his musical repertoire like low-pitched sounds
and sustainable swinging sympathy as well.

Deep sub-basely limping and dazzling confident at the same time, the interaction of melancholia and euphoria comes to light. In a conclusive and by long-term engagement affected theme, space giving synthesized plays complement with spurring drums and impact anything else than weakness in character.

ICE Rush
Doors closed, pitch control up and keep belted: regardless of bounds it’s going cheeky, rough and without rest, with clear HiHats into partial darkness. Stapes and stirrup are scanning riant laughing patterns from horns. To whom is feeling already dizzy, gets off, lovely participants are invited heartily to follow – turn cold into hot!

Aarons journey
Accompanied by spherical vibrant sequences, shaky congas attract on feisty soles. Diving into opulence, into a little weird realms of free listening. Elements emergent like a fiery tail exhilarate and work up your appetite to a greater extend of embellished lifetime.

All change here please, this disc terminates here. Who was appealed to, straight once again, with a push on Play it’s proceeding.
Thanks from stomach, legs, bottom and endorphins balance to AC, which like to travel again with him!!!

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