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[S27-039] Masochistic Values  - Order

[S27-039] Masochistic Values - Order

Label: Section 27
Catalog: S27-039
Released: March 2010
Styles: Ambient Electronic IDM Low Bitrate
Size: 43 MB

01 - Dream (Cold)
02 - Sinner (Trains remix feat. Heartless)
03 - Pathetos
04 - Girls Vs Boys
05 - 999
06 - Inner Scam
07 - Then They Spoke
08 - Heart > Yours
09 - Reaction
10 - Insomniacs Disco (Dream Warm)

Source's preview
New album from Chicago based producer Masochistic\Values, "Order" is an album of both luscious synths, chimes and throbbing kicks interspersed with interludes of piercing industrial clangs, steam and feedback. Using these two extremes, Masochistic\Values has created an album of something beautiful and dreamlike with a certain innocence to it and demands to be listened to as one piece, not as 10 individual tracks. Enjoy.


20.03.2010 20:35

Остался доволен, спасибо. С комментариями к альбому  полностью согласен..

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