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[PS017] Subterminal - Bright Dawn Sketches

[PS017] Subterminal - Bright Dawn Sketches

Catalog: PS017
Format: MP3
Released: 17.03.2010
Styles: Ambient
Total time: 32:06
Size: 77 MB

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“Bright dawn sketches” is an ambient album focused on exploring different environments, from urban solitude, sirens crying, ocean waves crashing in the shores and sunbeams reflected in the clouds. Some instruments were used (a crackle box and a sruti box), some composition techniques were also used (for example, minimalism and time stretching) as well as some software (iphone) and voice. All the tracks contained in this release were made with some concepts in mind.

1. A Vision
Inspired by a trip to Johannesburg in 2002, where these huge avenues were completely empty, and at night there were no lights in the 20 floors buildings. It felt like solitude could be touched

2. Awakenings
Another lazy awakening that stretches out from the factories’ smog and awakes gentle machines that start working, and all around dust in the air.

3. Wailing sirens
The moods in the streets, like sirens wailing at 6am, oppressed by traffic lights.

4. Reflected sunbeams
Explore the ocean and the dawn, waking up slowly and bright. Being lazy. Textures that evolve, getting close to unfinished melodies, or almost rhythms like waves crashing on the shore, and sunbeams reflected in the clouds. This perceived gentle chaos unfolding, between laziness and melancholy. Words last like snowflakes in summer.

About the Artist
Subterminal musica is mainly focused on exploring the collision between soundscapes and poetry, using automatic writing expressions: WordSoundScapes. The automata is used on the construction of words/poems and sounds/music that jointly deliver messages to aid the society on one of the most important and forgotten concept: Reflection. Words and sounds have different meanings, depending on the listener, but only if they take sometime to delve in the complexity of what they are listening to will they be stimulated.


08.04.2010 23:41

Spasibo!!!O4en` daje horosho!!!

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