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[cast003] Olan Mill  - Three

[cast003] Olan Mill - Three

Label: Serein
Catalog: cast003
Released: March 2010
Styles: Ambient Experimental Acoustic Podcast
Total time: 56:00
Size: 78 MB

00:00 Nirvana / Tourette's
01:13 Autechre / Netlon Sentinel
03:50 Fly Pan Am / Micro Sillons
09:44Greg Davis / Nicholas
14:10 Mountains / Window
16:41 Tomoyoshi Date / Sunnyside Suns and Sands
18:14 Boards of Canada / Live interlude (98)
20:04 Godspeed You Black Emperor! / Antennas to Heaven
22:09 Mogwai / Fear Satan (Kevin Shields Remix)
25:38 Pit Er Pat / The Good Morning Song
29:45 Opitope / A White Cloth Falls
30:20 Biosphere / Too Fragile To Walk On
33:18 Vikki Jackman / The Softest Blue
33:18 / 2Jodi Cave / For Myria (Two)
35:34 Fieldhead / Almost Everything There is to Know (Pausal Remix)
40:30 Swod / Paintage
44:04 Aphex Twin / Avril 14th
45:59 Max Richter / The Haunted Ocean 1
47:52 Pip Proud / My Darling Son (Adam Wiltzie Remix)
50:48 Arvo Part / Da Pacem Domine

Source's preview
Forecast #3 comes courtesy of Alex Smalley, one half of Olan Mill who you'll be hearing a lot more about soon. You only need glance at the tracklist to see that there is some serious ground covered in this mix - opening with Nirvana and Autechre respectively and closing with Arvo Pärt makes for quite a journey. The raucous introduction quickly settles into a fairly relaxed pace (Greg Davis, Mountains, Tomoyoshi Date), but doesn't stay put for long.

Midway through we're back to noisy post-(moderate?)-rock from the likes of Godspeed you! and a Kevin Shields remix of Mogwai's 'Fear Satan', closely followed by the unmistakable sound of Pit Er Pat. Although there are some very recognisable names dotted throughout the mix, some suitably obscure track choices mean you're bound to have a few "I can't believe I haven't heard this before" moments.

There are some lovely sequences here, the run of Opitope, Biosphere and the combined forces of Vikki Jackman (Far Away Press - I'm looking forward to digging through this label's catalogue) and Jodi Cave is sublime, as is Pausal's remix of Fieldhead's 'Almost Everything There is to Know' on Home Assembly Music.

All in all a thoroughly engaging (if slightly eccentric - but we love that) mix of tracks. Olan Mill's album 'Pine' will be available to pre-order from April 7th.

27.03.2010 18:03

о4ень не плохо господа, хорошее начало


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