Techno-Релизы    2010    March
[Littlebus 009] Sobamonk - Minimize EP

[Littlebus 009] Sobamonk - Minimize EP

Label: Littlebus Records
Catalog: Littlebus 009
Format: MP3 320kbps
Released: March 2010
Styles: Minimal Techno

Out Of Sync
Raum Gem
Minimize (Rico Puestel remix)
Out Of Sync (Santiago Matzerath petit remix)

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The end of the year is close and it is always great to receive the new year with a new toy, this is why Littlebus becomes Santa and brings you another collection ep. This time music comes from the mind of a English-Cypriot nomad that sustains his tracks with great techno bases. Moments in the sky and in the underground flow without any control, and inspires to teletransport and transform the mind into a traveller. Sobamonk ́s justifies his power and his quality with 3 great original tracks which are complemented by 2 luxury remixes, the 1st one by Rico Puestel, with the deep and virtuous sound that we are used to and the 2nd one by Santiago Matzerath who`s remix provides the freshness and brilliant touch that this ep needs. And, as usual, the Artwork which is born from the mischievous pencil of Miss/is Ahemeeh.

10.03.2010 16:22

Raum Gem более менее показался интересным, но так ни во что толковое и не развился, вцелом релиз на 2\5

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