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[JNN080] JNN Collective - The world is Just not Normal Pt. 4

[JNN080] JNN Collective - The world is Just not Normal Pt. 4

Catalog: JNN080
Format: 320Kbps MP3
Released: 07.03.2010
Styles: Ambient Experimental Compilation
Total time: 26:15
Size: 60 MB

00.00 Emerald Adrift – Abandoned amusementpark (JNN062)
00.00 Megatone – Awake (JNN061)
01.40 Fosel – Track 01 (JNN063)
04.56 undRess Béton – Andre Pissoir on discussions (JNN066)
08.34 Alexander Kibanov – Pi (JNN073)
09.34 Koji Okamoto – Collosal squid (JNN069)
11.14 The Silence Bureau – 33 Saturday (JNN064)
12.50 Anime Hill – Filterbreather (JNN071)
13.22 usr/sbin – Wolf moon rising (JNN077)
14.32 kuz.b – Where you behind the door? (JNN067)
15.10 Kris Cadwell – A minor thing (JNN070)
15.41 jfox & loopy c. – Track 03 (JNN065)
16.59 Alexander Kibanov & Norihito Kodama – Abandoned airports (JNN079)
18.25 Aide Auditive – Cihu (JNN076)
19.48 My brother Daniel – Baby bird (JNN075)
21.10 undRess Béton – Unreal behind his able (JNN066)
21.50 10KoneKt – Winx 4 (JNN074)
23.47 Martin Back – The atonement of man (JNN078)

Source's preview
Fourth in the ongoing series of retrospective megamixes ‘The world is Just not Normal’ once again the bar is raised.
18 tracks in just over 26 minutes time, this mix will take you through the last 20 albums of JNN where ofttimes 6 tracks are layered at the same time. Time for you to indulge into some dark and brooding sounds and to invite you to a closer look at what JNN has in store for your ears and brain.


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