Techno-Релизы    2010    March
[RB079] Counterspark - The Halpern Experiment

[RB079] Counterspark - The Halpern Experiment

Label: Resting Bell
Catalog: RB079
Format: 8  File, MP3, 320 kbps 
Released: 01.03.2010
Styles: Ambient Experimental
Total time: 54:01
Size: 101.28 MB

1. 7:36
2. 6:54
3. 6:40
4. 5:39
5. 5:28
6. 7:39
7. 6:25
8. 7:36

Source's preview
Counterspark is the solo project of Johnny Utterback of Richmond, Virginia. A visual artist by trade, Johnny began experimenting in sound in 2006. From that point on, Counterspark has been a project of experimentation in the world electronic music. Rich textures and lush soundscapes with an underlying tone of optimism are all intertwined into the melancholy compositions that are Counterspark.

The sounds of The Halpern Experiment were sourced from a “healing sounds” cassette, found in a thrift store amongst the piles of one hit wonders. Not finding any value in the cassette’s listening experience, the tape was cut into loops and abstracted. With the focus on the textural elements of the tape and relationships of the melodies, the project became a healing method in itself. Providing refuge from reality in a swirling world of analog color and warmth, The Halpern Experiment was two years in the making.

With mastering by Tanner Menard, the eight movements truly come to life.

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