Techno-Релизы    2010    June
[MA054] Dirk Glücksberg - Planet Red

[MA054] Dirk Glücksberg - Planet Red

Catalog: MA054
Format: MP3, 320 Kbit
Released: 15.06.2010
Styles: Minimal Techno
Total time: 41:00
Size: 91.8 MB

01 Being Orange
02 Don’t Make Her Cry
03 Found And Lost
04 Planet Red
05 Eternal Search
06 Remembering Red

Source's preview
Don’t even think of asking why he made the music you are about to hear. Because then he will start his lecture: Music is tragedy and beauty at the same time, just a moment, a fragment of time – fragile, fleeting, gone in an instant. Freezing time? Not a good idea. Often it is already too late: the people gone, the love vanished, the place changed. No red planet. Found and lost. The eternal quest. And then he will get serious all of a sudden: The only thing i’m good at is melodies – nothing else. Maybe the tracks just drag on, maybe you don’t like them but then perhaps they will find their way into your brain and never leave you. Just like Planet Red. A never-ending dreamlike dance.

23.06.2010 13:45

и почему?

18.06.2010 16:47

не стоит скачивать

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