Techno-Релизы    2010    June
[audcst024] Shubtle - Collect

[audcst024] Shubtle - Collect

Catalog: audcst024
Format: 5  File, MP3, EP 
Released: 10.06.2010
Styles: Ambient Downtempo IDM
Total time: 12:42
Size: 23.81 MB

1. Penance (0:36)
2. Consonance (2:34)
3. Countenance (3:02)
4. Maintenance (3:22)
5. Abstinence (3:08)

Source's preview
Absent soberness. This is something that only cares about you if you care about it. It is mutual consent; but only if you consent to it first. That’s right, you have to make the first move, and it can’t be listened to if you don’t at first give it the opportunity. Seems obvious doesn’t it? But you’ll be surprised how often this is taken advantage of, how often music is ignored due to a convenience of understanding, how you estimate just what exactly lies within your expectations, how you know that you will not like something based on data that proves nothing. This is a lyricless ode to the fearful, and ode to those that are not sure about how to make their minds up, an ode to those that are unsure and hate being unsure. This is an ode to those do not know which way to turn, for fear of being manipulated, for a fear of knowing that their choice is not their own; but a determination calculated by others. Apologies if this sounds pompous, and I will forever be sorry for all that I achieve. Sorry.


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