Techno-Релизы    2010    June
[LBN002] Menion - Out of Sound/Out of silence

[LBN002] Menion - Out of Sound/Out of silence

Label: La Bel Netlabel
Catalog: LBN002
Format: VBR MP3 / Ogg Vorbis
Released: June 2010
Styles: Ambient Electronic Minimal Acoustic

1. Menion - Colazione su Saturno
2. Menion - My neural forest
3. Menion - Dear Dad
4. Menion - Compostela
5. Menion - I love imperfection
6. Menion - Your body in the dark

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This work represents a sound secret that i wanted to share especially to myself.
The tracks come from the stuff i have produced in the last two years and the main aspect they share in on the emotional level…because they all talk about something i really experienced and that it deeply touched me…
My electronic music,that most would label as ambient,moves along various levels and depths…a game between vision,some blurred,some more clear…
A bit like looking at things around us wearing glasses and then without them…the game between the guitar themes and the electronic textures underneath is the most pronounced aspect.
I like to think that my music has a kind of domino effect on the imagination,that the sound impression leads to other images…vision the i hope can become again concrete reality to create more art…
I thanks the guys from “La Bèl netlabel” who believed in my music.


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