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[SOMO005] YetTken - Influences Remixes

[SOMO005] YetTken - Influences Remixes

Catalog: SOMO005
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Released: 01.07.2010
Styles: House Minimal-Techno

Influences (Ixam Remix)
Influences (German LM Remix)
Influences (Sergio Pelaez Remix)
Influences (MatGarca Remix)

Source's preview
Since the release of "Percussions EP" from YetTken by Sound & Motion, people have been pendant for another release of this Salvadorian artist. Also with his remix of Playground's "Vanilla Sky" he has gained more fans. So now we are proud to present something special: The release of "Influences Remixes", with re-interpretations of YetTken's "Influences" track by four Argentinean producers.

The first remix is in charge of Ixam. This producer comes with a peculiar sound combining Techno elements with Electro bass and Progressive House sounds. Giving us his unique way of re-interpretation, Ixam gives us the first taste of this release.

The second remix was made by German LM. Collaborating with us for the second time, German brings us a remix that emulates the original track but with a more Progressive feeling. Adding new percussions and sounds that are typical of his tracks, German LM keeps the energy of the original and blows us away.

Third remixer is Sergio Pelaez. Though he's starting to produce, Pelaez has talent and he collaborated with us with a kick-ass Tech-House remix full of percussions, drums and darkness all in one package. This remix will definitely elevate the energy in every dancefloor.

Last remix is a special contribution of Minimal and Techno producer and remixer MatGarcia. This time, Garcia made a special remix, totally different from the original. Aiming to Minimal Techno, this simple yet stunning track is the best way to close with this release.


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