Techno-Релизы    2010    July
[mnw008] Matias Rapacioli - The Awakening Of Nibiru

[mnw008] Matias Rapacioli - The Awakening Of Nibiru

Label: Manifest Northwest Recordings
Catalog: mnw008
Format: MP3 320kb/s
Released: July 2010
Styles: Minimal-Techno
Total time: 11:17
Size: 21.16 MB

01. Matias Rapacioli - The Awakening Of Nibiru
02. Matias Rapacioli - Tripping Nebula

Source's preview
A couple of delicious minimal delights await you upon your download of our latest and greatest. Hitting your eardrums direct from Argentina, Matias Rapacioli shows how they do down there, and boy have they got it right. Starting off with the title track, a moody intro begins the journey before coming in with the tightly sequenced beats. Trippy stabs and tribal funkiness abound. Tripping Nebula continues the formula for success with pounding kicks and a throbbing bassline. Minimal of the highest quality, we are as pleased to welcome Matias into the fold as you will be adding him to your music collections. Viva Argentina!


12.07.2012 06:54
iiIIiiI The Awakening Of Nibiru iiIIiiI
14.02.2011 21:12

да это порадовало!!!

29.07.2010 21:05


29.07.2010 00:34

красотища! в компиляцию! качество! ммм)

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