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[MIXG011] Bear And Lampshade - Siddhartha

[MIXG011] Bear And Lampshade - Siddhartha

Catalog: MIXG011
Format: 320Kbps MP3
Released: 11.07.2010
Styles: Breakcore Experimental IDM Industrial Jazz
Total time: 27:57
Size: 52.41 MB

1. Bear and Lampshade – Physics Arcade Module
2. Bear and Lampshade – The Soggy Life
3. Bear and Lampshade – Damaged
4. Bear and Lampshade – Overexposure To Mars Ponies
5. Bear and Lampshade – Satanic Tuna Factory
6. Bear and Lampshade – Paddle Boat Disco
7. Bear and Lampshade – Interlude In The Nude
8. Bear and Lampshade – Our Radioactive Father In The Sky
9. Bear and Lampshade – Dead In Office

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Let us tell you something about ‘Music for everyone’. It’s 21st century now, which means there is no music for everyone. Michael Jackson’s death could be also considered as an official death certificate of ‘Music for everyone’. Nothing can be marked with this label today. But if you ask us about potential target group for this release, we would answer that it’s for people who still looks for some catchy melodies with a proper combination of old- and newschool electronic arrangements. So if you’re the one who always ready to browse and listen to hundreds of tracks to find a personal brilliant, this EP could be your personal brilliant!

Meet Bear and Lamshade. A contemporary American group of extremely talented musicians founded by Robert Neubauer in 2009. Just one year of running through the jungle of modern electronic music, but on a pro level for sure! Siddhartha EP is a properly mixed cocktail of breakcore, maybe a little bit of hardcore, some IDM, industrial and oldschool electronic music pieces. Jazzy pianos, electric guitars and even choirs are also included to create a really delicious taste. Actually we can guarantee that this album will stuck in one’s audioplayer for quite a while.


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