Techno-Релизы    2010    July
[altf009] Sven Laux - Mud Up, Mud Down

[altf009] Sven Laux - Mud Up, Mud Down

Label: Alt Recordings
Catalog: altf009
Format: 4 x File, MP3, 320kbps
Released: July 2010
Styles: Glitch Minimal Techno

1. Mud Up
2. Mud Down
3. Mud Down (The Coffee Boy ft. Vocal Matador Remix)
4. Mud Down (Tone Def's Mud Down and Out Mix)

Source's preview
It gives us great pleasure to present this new EP from Sven Laux, a real kindred spirit to the Alt family. With his appearances on so many great netlabels from spontanMusik to Tropic and Archipel, he has always shared the Alt passion for insane sounds and atmospheric funk.

On the 'Mud Up, Mud Down' EP, Sven has delivered two haunted factories occupied by the restless spirits of machines that were built for groove. 'Mud Up' lies awash in off key puddles of synths while displaced voices hiccup the tango with micro srcibbles and scrapes. It's a slightly unsettling world, but an immersive one nonetheless.

'Mud Down' follows a more focused path, with a clear cut groove leading the way while the synths vaguely coo in the background. This is freaky techno hypnotism at its finest, and it fits perfectly with the Alt legacy thus far.

Stealthy operative The Coffee Boy comes correct with his remix of 'Mud Down', bringing a pumping Chicago vibe that's all raw percussion and looped house instensity. Meanwhile our very own Tone Def wrenches out some warm, funk-fuelled business like only he can, shedding a little light into the dark machinations of the original.

Roll up your sleeves and don the wellies, it's time to get your ears mucky.


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