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[audcst029] Burke - Riding In A Fail Boat

[audcst029] Burke - Riding In A Fail Boat

Catalog: audcst029
Format: 10  File, MP3, 320kbps
Released: 08.07.2010
Styles: Ambient Electronic Experimental
Total time: 23:28
Size: 44.00 MB

1. 96 Is Not a Palindrome (2:08)
2. 99 Things (2:17)
3. Deem (1:58)
4. I Wrote the Songs (2:01)
5. Lunar (2:25)
6. R.I.P. Gary C (2:23)
7. Redeem (2:51)
8. Trinkits (1:54)
9. Wip (1:07)
10. Wobblin (4:20)

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Bit Rate/Format: 320kb/s MP3

“Riding in a Fail Boat” was written during a time of transition much of what you hear is meant to put images in your head.

While doing some traveling in the Eastern parts of the United States Burke took influences from his time.

In the music you can hear things that are meant to sound like train tracks, cars, and other aspects of urban life.

Sleep was another large influence on this album. Whether it is sleeping in trains or run down apartments, the music tries to capture that dream like state, including its uneasiness.


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