Techno-Релизы    2010    July
[treetrunk101] Phillip Wilkerson - Complex Silence 5

[treetrunk101] Phillip Wilkerson - Complex Silence 5

Catalog: treetrunk101
Format: VBR MP3
Released: July 2010
Styles: Ambient Experimental
Total time: 69:07

Source's preview
With Complex Silence 5, Phillip Wilkerson re-visits his original concept for the Complex Silence series, namely: attempting to combine the acknowledged elements of classical ambient music with those of abstract and enigmatic ambient music. As classical ambient works, these tracks serve well as background ambient music, suitable for sleeping, studying, creating a continuously-playing sonic backdrop in your personal living space, regardless of where that might be at any given moment: an airport, a bedroom, a bus, a hike in the mountains, your daily commute, your office, etc. As abstract ambient works, these tracks are a self-contained soundworld on the edge of mystery--a contemplative and unresolved sonic environment where you relax, close your eyes, listen deeply, and let the music guide you on an inward quest of your own imaginative choosing.

These tracks can be shuffled and played in any order the listener chooses. They can also be loaded multiple times into a playlist for hours of continuous, random play.

Treetrunk is proud to welcome the Complex Silence series of ambient pieces, curated by Phillip Wilkerson, to our netlabel. We are also very pleased to release this piece, Complex Silence 5, and are sure you will greatly enjoy it.


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