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[unfound46] Someone else - Bring it down EP

[unfound46] Someone else - Bring it down EP

Label: Unfoundsound
Catalog: unfound46
Format: MP3/ Flac
Released: 05.01.2010
Styles: Minimal-Techno Tech-House
Size: MP3 80 MB/ Flac 331 MB

01. bring it down
02. bring it down (alex medina remix)
03. bring it down (moritz piske remix)
04. bring it down (andrew grant remix)
05. bring it down (underscore remix)

Source's preview
here is something from our beloved foundsound cofounder, someone else. this ep is a re-release of the track "bring it down" -- originally released on tony rohr's vinyl-only label, remains, in 2004. just as potent now as it was then, "bring it down" is a pumping minimal dancefloor rocker with a strong subby bassline, groovy percussive found-sounds and witty voice manipulations. it was consistently played by richie hawtin, butane, and other super-duper techno heroes. and now we offer it to you again for free on unfoundsound in digital format. plus, you get four new tech-house and minimal remixes of "bring it down" courtesy of alex medina, moritz piske, andrew grant and underscore. good times!
artwork by tleilaxu


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