Techno-Релизы    2010    January
[astor012] Audioteka - Just So Simple

[astor012] Audioteka - Just So Simple

Label: Astor Bell
Catalog: astor012
Format: 2  File, MP3, 320 kbps
Released: January 2010
Styles: Electronic Minimal-Techno
Size: 29.3 MB

1. Simple Feelings
2. Simple Colors

Source's preview
When gazing upon your world map, it might strike you as spectacular how the sounds of the Berlin underground can trickle all the way to Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Taking into consideration our knowledge of the modern, network- connected planet, it is of course not the same sensation. Still, one can't avoid wondering if the massive amount of land in between hasn't given flavor to the ones and zeros streaming through the pipelines in order to reconnect as digital audio in the other end.

When playing out Just So Simple, focusing your ears beyond the sharp synthetic beats and the dark deep bass, you can't escape the echoes of unending Siberian pine forests, sparkling rivers, majestic ice-covered mountain ranges and abandoned Soviet era concrete cities. Audioteka plugged their laptops into the leftover equipment of a Cosmonaut space station and streamed the output through a state of the art night club speaker system. This is a recording from the other end of the neighbouring plains. Aimed straight for your heart. Open it up.


08.10.2010 19:32

а по мне так первый трек удался


26.09.2010 11:35

Верю вашему мнению и посему качать не стану*)

20.02.2010 23:30

Дать бы хороших синтов бы ...

08.02.2010 21:31


03.02.2010 15:32

Отнють, читай название джаст соу симпл, треки соответствуют названию...


03.02.2010 02:01

не доработанные ,слабенькие,бессмысленные треки!

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